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  Truth is the collective wisdom of all history. This transcended wisdom is passed down generation to generation through word of mouth and texts in the form of stories. Truth is bigger than the human mind - we cannot view it as a whole. We can only perceive what we encounter. Our minds ability to comprehend is structured in a narrative form. Being that stories are representations of life experiences of others, we instinctively observe characters and their choices, implementing them in our own lives to avoid or seek the outcomes depicted.

  • Do not allow your sense of the Truth be conformed to the world in which you live.

  • The only True death is moral compromise.

  • If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.

  • Never lie to appease.

  • Truth is the Light and the Light is the Ideal.

  • The ideal is always a judge but a judge is not always the ideal

  • a garden judged by nature is overgrown by weeds and chaos but a garden judged by the gardener emits beauty and order.

  • The wrong will be wrong. Only do whats right and they will be revealed.

  • Condemn only their words and actions, everyone is redeemable.

  • Truth requires no persuasion and no propaganda, Truth carries no agenda.

  • Censorship is a tool used by those who fear the Truth. Those who embrace the Truth fear no idea.

  • Truth exposes all falsehoods.

  • Truth is a philosophy to live by not a universal set of rules.

  • Truth calls forth and requires the best in you.

  • Purpose is found in bearing responsibility and it is every individuals responsibility to up hold the Truth.

  • The journey of a lifetime begins with a Vow to speak the Truth

  • One Never feels alone when they stand with the Truth.

  • Proper sacrifice is voluntary suffering for the Ultimate Good.

  • Truth is justified by that which results from it's acknowledgment.

  • That which comes into Being as a result of the Truth is Right and Just.

  • Acting in Truth produces no regret.

  • Things improve incrementally each time the Truth is stood up for.

  • Do not omit what you would not commit.


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